WonderBit Life Photo Maker Pro v1.2



Add water, snow, rain effects to your vacation photos and transform it into beautiful and realistic animated scenes.

Add and listen the soothing sounds of waterfall, water stream, birds chirping, or any sounds you like to your photos.

LifePhotoMaker user interface is very intuitive and easy to use, even your kids and grandparent will have no problem using it.

Build your creation into several formats including screensavers or videos so you can share it to your loved ones easily.

Sample Water Reflection Click Here >>>

Carefully designed for ease of use, LifePhotoMaker intuitive interface lets you produce beautiful animated scenes in only a few easy steps.

It's very easy to use so that even your kids and your grandparent will enjoy using LifePhotoMaker.

Bring your holiday photos at waterfalls, lakes, or seaside to life by adding water effects on it.

LifePhotoMaker is able to produce beautiful and realistic water movement so you can experience again the best moment of your holiday.

Everybody loves winter, it gives us a magical feeling and a memorable time throughout the season.

Well, with just a single click you can enjoy the winter scene on your photos in no time.

Rainy day makes us want to stay at home enjoying hot coffee and relax for the whole day, doesn't it?

Again, with just a single click you can add that feeling into your photos.

Visual effects alone are not enough! Add sound effects to your photos.

LifePhotoMaker lets you add the sound of waterfall, river stream, birds chirping, or any sounds you like to your photos.

Once you have added visual and sound effects into your photos, it's time for you to enjoy the result.LifePhotoMaker allows you to produce your creation into screensavers, executables, videos, and animated gifs so you can share it to your loved ones.

* Apply up to 6 different water effects into a single photo.
* Preset water effects such as waterfall, lake, sea, river, etc.
* Customizable water effects to suit your creativity.
*Add up to 8 sound effects into a single photo.
*Add background music to created screensavers or executables.



This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now



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