Kelby Training - Photoshop CS4 For Beginners

Corey Barker — education and curriculum developer for NAPP — shows you through the basic essentials of Adobe® Photoshop®. Whether you are new to Photoshop® CS4 or even Photoshop in general, this course is the place to start learning. Not only will you learn the basics of the Photoshop core tools and functions, but by the time you finish this course you will be editing and compositing your images with ease. Even if you are somewhat familiar with Photoshop this course will be great to refresh or sharpen your skills.

As the course progresses and you get more familiar with the tools, we will venture into color correction, image retouching, and basic compositing techniques.
While this course is presented in Photoshop CS4 utilizing some of the new features, the core concepts are still relevant in earlier CS versions of Photoshop.

Contains the following:
03. The
04. Tools and
05. Find Your Way
06. Going Back In
07. Image Size and
08. Cropping and
09. Selections, Part
10. Selections, Part
11. Layers, Part
12. Layers, Part
13. Layers, Part
14. Choosing
15. Text and Text
17. Custom
19. Adjustments, Part
20. Adjustments, Part
21. Retouch, Part
22. Retouch, Part
23. Basic
24. Saving and
25. Bonus Lesson Shape

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