Corel Drawings X3

Corel Drawings X3 | 140 MB | RS

Complete and easy-to-use, Corel DRAWings X3 Professional offers the full creative power of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X3 - trusted by professionals throughout the specialty graphics industry - while delivering the digitizing control and flexibility of DRAWstitch®.

New features include Corel® PowerTRACE that enables users to create high-quality embroidery from low resolution bitmap files, enhanced Appliqu??HT© controls, and integrated learning tools that make getting started a snap.

Corel DRAWings X3 Professional gives you advanced options and control over the embroidery process. Professional controls let you manually adjust design characteristics and make it possible to perfect your design and create custom effects.

Any user, regardless of skill level, can create designs and easily convert them to professional-quality, digitized embroidery files!

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