Colorize those Old Photos with Recolored

For long I have been looking for a solution to colorize old photos of my parents' wedding but to my disappoint, I didn't find any solution that would do the job quite well. The actual purpose was to present these photos as a gift to my parents on their wedding anniversary and make them happy.

I did find quite a lot of tutorials on colorizing those 'black and white' or 'grayscale' photos of old times but being a full-time blogger and an engineering student keeps you from playing around on Photoshop and wasting your time.

That's when Recolored came to the rescue and saved me from the embarrassment of not having a unique present for my parents on their wedding anniversary.


Using sophisticated image processing algorithms and colors defined by the user, Recolored builds a copy of the original grayscale image but with colors keeping the originality of the image intact. The best part is that the whole process is totally automated and very fast.

Though its a paid software (with 21-day free trial) but we think that most users can make enough use of the trial version easily as colorizing old photos is just a one-time job. Recolored can be downloaded from here.

A big thanks to Hamid for discovering this software from the caves.



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