Yahoo’s new Smarter Inbox Officially Released

Yahoo! had been working on its new smarter inbox for quite some time now. You will all be very glad to know that it has officially been released today. It features a new Yahoo! Mail Welcome page which surfaces messages, information, activity updates, updated inbox and folder view that filters messages from your personal connections.

As soon as you login to your Yahoo! mail you will see “Messages from My Connections” which displays emails from the people you believe have the most important information for you.

myconnectionAfter that, you will see “Invitations to Connect”. Here, you will see invitations from people you may want to connect with.


You can also filter your inbox messages so that it only shows emails from the people you want only. You can always change the view back to “All messages” anytime you like. Overall I’d say it gives you the most easiest way to filer your email box.


The smarter Yahoo! Mail inbox also gives you immediate access to relevant third-party applications like Flickr, Flixster and Xoopit allowing you to do much more, and be more efficient, all from within your inbox. Take a look now and let us know what you think!

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