Whole Tomato Visual Assist X v10.5.1711.0 | 8.82 MB

Whole Tomato Visual Assist X v10.5.1711.0

Whole Tomato Visual Assist X v10.5.1711.0 | 8.82 MB

Visual Assist X dramatically reduces application development time with key new features and improvements to existing features in Visual Studio, allowing you to:
* Develop new code faster with fewer errors.
* Quickly understand existing code.
* Refactor existing code making it easier to read and cheaper to maintain.
* Eliminate time spent searching by allowing instant navigation to any file, symbol or reference.

Visual Assist works seamlessly across all languages in your solution:
C++ C# VB
Visual Assist works in current and legacy versions of Visual Studio:
VS2008 VS2005 VS2003 VS2002 VC6

Over 50 time-saving features such as:
* VA Outline new! allows you to navigate, organize and refactor code easily
* Acronyms, Suggestions, VA Snippets help you create code faster
* Enhanced Error Detection and Correction catches errors before you compile
* Refactor easily in ALL languages
* Enhanced IntelliSense and Hovering Class Browser help decipher complex code
* Navigate easily to any file, method, or symbol
* Find References faster in ALL languages
* Enhanced Syntax Coloring helps you read code faster

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