Strata 3D CX v5.5

Match scenes from Photoshop to scenes in Strata 3D CX
Use the Vanishing Point filter from Photoshop to define the 3d perspective of a photograph. You can then send that 3D plane, fully texture-mapped, into a new 3D scene in Strata 3D CX 5.5, with the full photograph loaded into the background for quick and simple photo perspective matching. Product designers and Architectural users will appreciate the ease that Strata 3D CX 5.5 accomplishes a very commonplace and time-consuming process.

Take the guess-work out of creating photo-realistic 3D scenes that match up simply to your photographic reference.

Start thinking about the result first
Start your design process in Photoshop, by creating the background, copy, and other elements first. Then, choose from thousands of objects on Google's 3d Warehouse, or match the document to a Strata 3D scene, where you can choose from Strata's included library objects or build entirely new objects from scratch with a fully-featured 3D application. Take models from Google, to Photoshop, to Strata 3D CX 5.5 and move real-time models and fully masked and layered photoshop renders between both applications with ease.

Virtually combine the saved intermediate files of both Photoshop and Strata 3D CX into one workflow to reduce your daily file management tasks significantly, and start thinking more about how your 2D and 3D design works together.

Adds to your Photoshop workflow AND your 3D workflow
The increased workflow links between Photoshop and Strata 3D CX can increase your productivity and expand your creative options whether you come from a 2D Photoshop background, or from a 3D background, whether in Strata 3D or not.

Strata integrates well with other 3D applications and formats, can export Flash video animation, imports Adobe standard vector formats, such as PDF and AI, exports Vector SWF and AI renders (with the Strata 3D Vector plug-in), as well as internal links to Photoshop for 3D tasks, such as dynamically linked PSD texture maps, and the ability to distribute individual Photoshop layers to different texture channels. With the addition of layered Photoshop renders in version 5, and the transport of fully masked, layered renders directly from CX 5.5 to Photoshop, Strata 3D CX is the most integral 3D solution for Photoshop users.

It's not "best of class", it's inventing a new class of 3D software.





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