SizeFixer XL v1.2.0R7

SizeFixer enlarges digtal images and delivers stunning results.

SizeFixer XL can enlarge digital photos up to any size and equals or exceeds any other technology.
SizeFixer XL New Mac Universal Binary.
SizeFixer SLR can enlarge digital images up to 68MPixel, equivalent to about A1 at 300 DPI (23"x33" approx)
SizeFixer SLR New Mac Universal Binary.
SizeFixer Home can double or quadruple the number of pixels from your compact digital camera or cameraphone giving you up to 16 Mpixels, (prints just over A4 or 11"x8.5")
SizeFixer Home New Mac Universal Binary.
Absolutely no compromise super-resolution image interpolation.
Cropping made easy.
Stand-alone programs.
8-bit and 16-bit photos.
RGB, JPEG and TIFF photos.

Download 3MB

Tipard Video Converter v3.1.20



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