Save Files to Desired Location Automatically from Firefox

A Firefox add-on that can really come in handy for the guys who are into downloading small files or images every now and then. Usually, Firefox asks for the location to save the file each time once you click the download link. Automatic Save Folder is a Firefox add-on that automatically saves your files to your desired location based on the type of the file.

For example, when you will save any image it will automatically go to ‘Pictures’ folder. Similarly, you can assign a different folder for your .exe files or .php files.


To specify the location, you can set filters according to the file name or domain name. For example, if you want all subtitle files to be saved in your video folder, add a filter like this

- domain : all
- filter : .srt
- folder : your video folder.


You don’t need to search the good folder for hours anymore, it will open for you automatically.

Install Automatic Save Folder

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