Get Free Unlimited Online Storage with LiveDrive

livelogoLiveDrive is a free of cost and unlimited online storage server which doesn’t stop you from uploading multi Gb files. LiveDrive allows you to view your files on all your PCS, the web and your mobile phone easily. It works as your online hard drive which can be accessed from anywhere anytime you like.

LiveDrive is still in its beta form but it offers you all the normal features like backup, sharing, mobile access and a web portal to manage and upload your files.

In addition to that, LiveDrive also allows you to access your online storage directly while you’re offline. That means you can easily drag files onto your Livedrive like any regular USB drive.

Key features include

  • Unlimited storage space
  • View files on any device
  • Works like a normal hard drive
  • Option to send large files to anyone
  • Optimized for Apple iPhone
  • Access iTunes Music Library from all your Pc’s
  • Automatic Backup system
  • Your own Web portal to securely access your files
  • Work Offline
  • Share your photos, videos and other files via the web with a click on a button
  • Publish straight to Facebook, Youtube and more


If you sign up for a beta account now, you’ll be able to keep your account when LiveDrive goes live in early 2009.

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