Banner Fans: create your own banners online.

lots of websites have banners, and the reason they have a banner is that they want to improve their site, attract more people to the site, etc.

but it also makes the website more professional. But the problem was that you needed to hire somebody to make the banner, because the other tools cost too much, or they didn't work that good. but there is a new service that allows you to make your own banners online.

Banner Fans is a free of cost web-based service that allows you to create banners and use them for your websites. If offers you to create banners with different backgrounds, fonts, effects, sizes and more. You can save your banner and download it in JPEG, PNG or GIF format.

To create your free banner you will have to go through 5 easy steps that includes, Layout, Text & Fonts, Shadows & Effects, Border and Format. You will even have the option of uploading your own background image for the banner.

1. Choose the size of your banner. Here I’ve chosen 728×90 Leaderboard
2. Type your text and choose font.
3. Select shadows & effects
4. Choose border style. You will have the option to leave it as blank, solid, dashed, double solid and Double dashed.
5. Save your banner’s file format as PNG, JPG and GIF.

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