Pirated DVDs of Indian films seized in Britain

British officials have seized nearly 3000 fake DVDs of latest Bollywood films, including those that have not yet been released, from a shop in Leicester as part of a swoop on counterfeit Indian films.

The growing popularity of Indian films in Britain feeds a lucrative counterfeit market for DVDs in Asian-dominated areas such as Southall, Birmingham, Harrow, Leicester and Manchester.

Officials of Trading Standards, a government agency that ensures trading is conducted fairly, visited the shop and found that it was selling DVDs of movies that had not yet been released on to DVDs and those of films still on at the cinema.

The shop was also selling discs with homemade labels and compilation DVDs that are not commercially available. The Leicester Magistrates' Court was told that 49 had been verified as illegal, and magistrates accepted that the rest of the haul were not legal copies.

Shop owner Khalid Mohamed and his son Muhammed, Leicester, pleaded guilty to 11 offences against the Trade Marks Act 1994 and Video Recording Act 1984.

Sarah Kawaja, prosecuting lawyer for the Leicester City Council, said: "The DVDs were on sale for a fraction of the usual price. Some were films which were on show, or about to be released in cinemas."

In a similar crackdown, Udam Singh, an Indian-origin trader in Southall, was fined and sentenced to 150 hours of community service for selling Indian pornographic DVDs in July



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