Apple Macbook Touch Coming for Real?

Now that Apple is all satisfied with its new line of iPods, its time for Steve and the crew to focus on the Mac.

Lately we have gone through a lot of rumors on the web saying that Apple is soon going to launch a Tablet computer. Combine it with the rumor that we should soon be expecting a new version of the Macbook and what you get in result is a Macbook Touch.

Courtesy: Gizmodo

Some sources claim that Apple is planning to launch the new Macbook on an event that is to be held on Octover 14. There is no official word on it and it could be anything.

The Macbook Touch has been an anticipation all long after the iPhone, especially since a Mac Fan-boy published some mockups of the Macbook Touch at SlashGear earlier this year.

If the Macbook Touch is real it will definitely be something extraordinary. All I hope for is a better on-screen keyboard with haptic technology.

As for the secret Macbook event is concerned, I doubt Apple will announce something so big i.e. Macbook Touch on such an ordinary event when the Macworld Expo 2009 is just hardly three months away.

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